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The 21st century is the current century of the Christian Era or Common Era in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. It began on January 1, 2001 and will end December 31, 2100.

Alternate Future Realities

  • Earth-AD: The 21st century was one of two principal settings of Earth-AD continuity. It was the time of the Global Peace Agency and the one-man army corps known as O.M.A.C.. Events from this timeline ceased with the onset of the Great Disaster.
  • Hex Timeline: The early 21st century was a Post-Apocalyptic environment where corporate dictatorships waged war against outlaw street gangs. A scientist named Reinhold Borsten used his technology to pull 19th Century bounty hunter Jonah Hex into the 21st century. Hex spent a brief period of time here where he befriended a gang called the Road Reapers before returning to his own era.
  • Earth-One: One of several possible future realities branching from Earth-One continuity involved the space adventurer Tommy Tomorrow. Planeteer Colonel Thomas Tomorrow, assisted by Captain Brent Wood, flew around the space lanes in their patrol spacecraft "Ace of Space". Another possible divergent future was the timeline of the Space Museum.
  • DCAU: In the early 21st century, Earth's guardians were a massive super-hero team known as Justice League Unlimited. Two of the team members, Hawkgirl and John Stewart sired a child named Rex Stewart who grew up to become the super-hero known as Warhawk. In this era, Amanda Waller oversaw Operation: Batman Beyond, a project that culminated in the cloning of Bruce Wayne's DNA creating his successor Terry McGinnis.
  • Titans Tomorrow: This reality existed in the early 21st century, circa 2015. The events from this timeline took place some ten years after the formation of the third iteration of the Teen Titans. In this reality, the former members of the Teen Titans, now adults, established a fascist dictatorship that split the country in half between East and West Coast factions.


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