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  • This issue shipped on February 7th, 2007 (April by indicia).


  • The ticker-tape on the bottom of the cover reads, "Lex Luthor vs. John Henry Irons!... The Teen Titans vs. Infinity, Inc.!... "
  • At one point, Steel says "We're wasting time with the Redshirts! Fight!" A "Redshirt" is a fan-derived term used to describe expendable characters from the 1966 television series Star Trek. It was common for the main characters on the series to go on a dangerous mission with a secondary officer, tradtionally garbed in a red shirt, in tow. More often than not, these "redshirts" did not survive to see the end of the episode.
  • Beast Boy's line about the "Sluggos" and the "Nancies" is a reference to the Nancy comic strip by Ernie Bushmiller. Sluggo was the name of Nancy's playmate.
  • Lex Luthor makes plans on conquering the globe and renaming it Planet Lexor. Lexor was the name of an alien world that adopted Luthor in the Pre-Crisis Silver Age era.

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