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64th Century

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64th Century
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The 64th Century was the home era of Abra Kadabra. In this century, technology such as teleportation, telepathy, and mind-over-matter radiation were commonplace, making stage magicians a thing of the past. This prompted Kadabra to travel back in time to the 20th Century, when magicians were celebrities.[1]


The M-Metal time machine

The M-Metal was a radioactive metal, of which a small amount was accidentally discovered in the 64th Century in a meteorite which fell to Earth. In 6363, scientists were able to use the M-Metal to built a time machine. However, its radiation was losing intensity, and only one trip through time could be made. Abra Kadabra invaded the laboratory in which the machine was being kept, and used it to travel to the 20th Century.[1]



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