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A Haunting We Will Go
Noveltoon series
Directed by Seymour Kneitel
Produced by Sam Buchwald (associate producer)
Seymour Kneitel (producer)
Izzy Sparber (producer)
Story by Larz Bourne
Voices by Narration:
Frank Gallop
Voice cast (uncredited):
Mae Questel (Casper/Ghost Teacher)
Jack Mercer (Turtle/Hunter)
Music by Winston Sharples
Animation by Irving Dressler
Myron Waldman
Studio Famous Studios
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) May 13, 1949
Color process Technicolor
Running time 6 minutes
Language English
Followed by Theatrical shorts

A Haunting We Will Go is a 1949 animated short directed by Seymour Kneitel and narrated again by Frank Gallop, featuring Casper the Friendly Ghost. This is also the last short before the character was used in a series of 52 regular theatrical shorts.


Casper the Friendly Ghost, sad that he can make no friends since everyone he meets is afraid of him, hatches an abandoned egg and becomes the emerging little duck's best friend and protector.


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