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Abra and Cadabra

Real Name
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Abra and Cadabra
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Quote1.png Boona, Boona - vanish sooner! Quote2.png
-- Cadabra


Abra and Cadabra were stage magicians who were popular in the 1940s. By 1947, they had decided to use their talents in magic for crime.

One night while robbing a jewelry store they were caught in the act by the Blonde Phantom who failed to stop the two magicians. When they fled they were cornered by police but managed to disappear in a puff of smoke. In order to flush out the two magical thieves, Blonde Phantom took up a job as an assistant to rival magician J.B. Gloop and toured in the same towns as Abra and Cadabra. The Blonde Phantom's popularity caused Gloop's show to overshadow Abra and Cadabra's show. The two magicians decided to shut down Gloop's show as well as rob it. During Gloop's act they somehow managed to transform rabbits in a cabinet into little monsters, frightening the audience. While Gloop rounded the creatures up and calmed the crowd, Blonde Phantom went back stage and caught Abra and Cadabra trying to crack the safe containing the show's receipts. Before the pair could do any magic to stop Blonde Phantom she trained a gun on them, and the police soon arrested them.

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Abra and Cadabra are professional stage magicians able to perform seemingly impossible feats of magic. It is unknown if they actually have any magical powers, or if their work is merely slight-of-hand stage magician acts. They were able to disappear in a puff of smoke and somehow made a trunk full of rabbits turn into small monsters.

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