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Synopsis for "Superman... Guilty of Homicide!"Edit

Ron Noble, secretly a director of the International Crime Exchange, fakes his death in a boxing match with Superman so that he can frame the Man of Steel for homicide.

Appearing in "Superboy in Argo City"Edit

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Years ago, Superboy was accidentally struck and knocked unconscious by a mining probe of Zor-El's from Argo City, while he was shaping a jewel from a diamond meteoroid. The probe took the amnesiac Superboy to Argo City, where he met and became friends with young Kara, and her parents Zor-El and Allura. However, when Argo City's crossing into space territory inhabited by an alien race is interpreted as aggression, a member of that race demands one of their lives in sacrifice for the "crime". Superboy quickly offers himself, and is taken away from Argo City, despite the protests from the family of Zor-El. To forego interference from the Argonians, the alien cleanses their memories of Superboy's existence. Once within range of a yellow star, though, Superboy recovers his powers and memory--though he does not remember anything of his visit to Argo City--and breaks free and eludes the alien. Years later, Supergirl shows the jewel she got from Superboy to Superman. Superman remembers carving it from an asteroid years ago, but neither can figure out how it got in Argo City.


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