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  • This is the first canonical appearance of General Zod, Ursa and Non. There have been two previous incarnations of General Zod to exist in Post-Crisis continuity. The first General Zod was indiginous to a pocket-universe dimension, and was killed in Superman (Volume 2) #22. The second Zod was actually an Earth human from the nation of Pokolistan. He appeared last in Action Comics #790. Admiral Zod, a possible ancestor of the the current Zod was referenced in flashback by Lex Luthor during the "Up, Up, and Away" storyline. Ursa and Non however, are characters who were originally germane to the continuity of the Superman movies. Played (respectively) by Sarah Douglas and Jack O'Halloran, they made a brief appearance in the 1978 film, Superman, and became feature villains in the sequel, Superman II. An alternate reality version of Ursa made a cameo appearance in JSA Classified #3. This issue is the first appearance of the mute, Non, in any incarnation.
  • Jor-El appears in this issue as a Sunstone-generated simalucrum only.
  • Christopher Kent's Kryptonian name, Lor-Zod, will be revealed in issue #846.
  • This issue ties in with "The Criminals of Krypton" story from this year's Annual.


  • Lois Lane provides the Kryptonian child with the first name, Christopher. This is likely an homage to Christopher Reeve, who played the role of Superman in four feature films, and made guest appearances on Smallville playing the part of Professor Virgil Swan.
  • The fight between Superman and Bizarro in this issue is reminiscent of the fight between Superman and Non in Superman II.

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