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  • (from GCD) This 3-D version of this issue is generally identical to the normal issue; the only differences are the 3-D effects on the cover and story, the 3-D goggles inserted, and the price. Also, on the cover a phantom zone villain is over the logo on the normal cover, but behind it on this cover. This issue went on sale 2007-07-04 (non-US) and 2007-07-05 (US) (one week late from the original shipping date of this issue). The contents of this issue had originally been solicited for issue #848; DC announced the change in a press release dated 2007-02-13.


  • In Pre-Crisis Silver Age continuity, Fort Rozz was a military command center located in the city of Kandor on the planet, Krypton. General Pir-El operated from this fort during the waning days of the Last War.[1]
  • Ursa proclaims herself as the "last female Kryptonian", though on the very next page, her fellow criminals are carrying Power Girl and Supergirl in their arms.

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