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  • Reference is made to Ben Hubbard in this issue. Ben Hubbard is a farmer and neighbor to the Kents. Although he has been referenced in many comic issues, the Superman movies and even the Smallville television series, Ben Hubbard has never made an actual appearance.
  • The flashback scenes from this issue take place when Clark is approximately nine or ten-years old.


  • The release of this issue coincided with the season seven premiere episode of Smallville, which featured Tom Welling in the duel role of Clark Kent as well as his imperfect duplicate Bizarro.
  • The Bizarro version of the Daily Planet includes a sign at the entranceway which reads, "Is here... Dali Planit... dilivrees in reer or punch in face." Many of the letters in the sign are written backwards.
  • Bizarro Perry White uses flame breath to ignite his cigar.
  • Bizarro Jimmy Olsen walks around with a flash camera snapping pictures of himself.
  • Bizarro's intended relationship with Jonathan Kent apes the dynamic shared between Superman and his holographic birth-father Jor-El.

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