Brock Peters (b. July 2, 1927 - d. August 23, 2005) voiced Lucius Fox for the animated series Batman. When the series was retitled, the role was passed to Mel Winkler.
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Selected Filmography

Series/Episode Date Role
Batman 1992-1996
     "Feat of Clay, Part I" September 8, 1992 Lucius Fox
     "Feat of Clay, Part II" September 9, 1992 Lucius Fox
     "Cat Scratch Fever" November 5, 1992 Lucius Fox
     "Heart of Steel, Part I" November 16, 1992 Lucius Fox
     "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?" November 18, 1992 Lucius Fox
     "Off Balance" November 23, 1992 Lucius Fox
     "See No Evil" November 23, 1992 Lucius Fox
     "Avatar" May 9, 1994 Lucius Fox
Static Shock 2000-2004
     "Blast From the Past" June 21, 2003 Morris Grant/Soul Power
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