Adrian Raeside
Born 1957
Nationality Canadian
Area(s) Editorial cartoonist

Adrian Raeside (born 1957) is an editorial cartoonist for the Victoria Times-Colonist.[1] His comic strip, The Other Coast, was picked up by Creators Syndicate in 2001 and has appeared in over 100 newspapers worldwide.[2][3]

He was born in 1957 in Dunedin.[1][2] He began drawing cartoons on washroom walls as a kid.[4] After being expelled from his first (and last) art class at the age of 15,[4] he moved with his parents to England, then to Canada.[1] While there, he worked at various jobs, from loading grain ships in Thunder Bay, Ontario, to surveying on the West Coast.[4]

Raeside founded and operated an animation company in 1988 to animate editorial cartoons for CBC Television.[2] Over the next four years, he created, directed and produced dozens of animated shows for Turner Broadcasting and Children's Television Workshop, adapting two Jim Henson Muppet characters for animation.[2] Raeside adapted the book The Way Things Work as an animated series being broadcast on BBC.[2] Raeside left the animation business in 1992.[2]

Raeside is the author of eleven books, including There Goes the Neighbourhood, an irreverent history of Canada; The Demented Decade; and 5 Twisted Years. Raeside also wrote and illustrated the popular Dennis the Dragon series of children's books.[2][5]

Adrian Raeside lives in Whistler.[2]


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