Quote1 The magic will be mine, I tell you! The power will be mine! And no dwarf or god of dwarves will stop me! Quote2
-- Grysygonth

Appearing in "Broken Pillars"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Onyx the Invincible

Supporting Characters:

  • Onyx's father
  • Onyx's grandfather


  • Grysygonth

Other Characters:

  • Dumathoin


  • Waterdeep
  • Luna's inn
  • Sewers of Waterdeep



Synopsis for "Broken Pillars"Edit

Onyx's dad demands from Onyx's grandfather to know where the Pillar of Gold is. Onyx's grandfather claims that he is the Pillar of Gold. The three dwarves start to leave and are attacked by an Umber Hulk. The Umber Hulk makes off with Onyx's grandfather and takes him to Grysygonth the destroyer. The other two dwarves are in hot pursuit. Grysygonth has a whip that turns whatever it strikes into gold. As Onyx and his father arrive, Onyx's grandfather is struck with the whip, turning him to gold. In the midst of the fight between Grysygonth and the dwarves, the god Dumathoin shows up and turns Onyx's grandfather back to a dwarf. Then the dwarves flee, as the entire place starts to fall apart. They escape and Onyx's father has the satisfaction of having his gold: One of his father's gold fillings.



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