Quote1 Everything -- it all went bad. Kyriani's being held captive. And Vajra... Vajra's dead. Quote2
-- Conner

Appearing in "Rites and Wrongs (Part II of III) - The Truth"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Conner
  • Kyriani
  • Onyx
  • Timoth Eyesbright
  • Vajra Valmeyjar

Supporting Characters:

  • Luna


Other Characters:

  • Giant slug
  • Earth elementals


  • Waterdeep
  • Earth Elemental Plane
  • Luna's inn



Synopsis for "Rites and Wrongs (Part II of III) - The Truth"Edit

Conner is at Luna's inn, getting stinking drunk. Luna, Onyx and Timoth Eyesbright find him there and see that he has Vajra's manacle. Timoth grabs Conner and demands to know what Conner has done with Vajra. Conner tells the centaur that Kyriani is being held captive and Vajra is dead. Conner shows them that he has Tanar'Ri growing out of his stomach and chest. Conner goes on to tell the others that he talked Kyriani and Vajra into joining him in a scheme to fool a wizard named Glandowr. The wizard Glandowr planted a Tanar'Ri seed in Conner's chest. Conner was told that if he brought Kyriani to the wizard, Glandowr would remove the seed. Enraged, Onyx attacks Conner. It is then, that Vajra contacts the group throug a painting on the wall of the inn. It seems, she is not dead, but on the elemental plane of Earth. Luna teleports Timoth and Onyx to find Vajra and keep her from slipping of the elemental plane before Luna can devise a way to bring her back to Waterdeep. The two adventurers fight a Giant Slug and find Vajra holding onto a stalactite. They rescue her from her calamity and find themselves facing earth elementals. Shafts of moonlight appear and teleport the three back to the inn. Vajra slaps Conner and suits up to rescue Kyriani. She promises to return and deal with Conner afterward.



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