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Appearing in "Return of the Black Flame"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Black Flame
  • Previous Appearance of General Zod General Zod Next Appearance of General Zod
  • The Inventor (Single appearance)[1]
  • L. Finn (Single appearance)[1]
  • The Toymaster (Single appearance)[1]

Other Characters:




  • None

Synopsis for "Return of the Black Flame"Edit

Black Flame breaks out of jail in Kandor and leaves the Kandor bottle, apparently enlarging herself afterward. She then acquires a spaceship, goes to a warp portal in the Phantom Zone, and takes on three super-criminals from the Phantom Zone: L. Finn (a leprechaun), the Toymaster and the Inventor. She tricks Supergirl into coming to the house which they use as their headquarters. There she is weakened with Green Kryptonite dust and made to be a "pin" in a bowling alley with Green Kryptonite bowling balls. Finally, she is placed in a deathtrap with Gold Kryptonite slowly stealing her powers, and a Green Kryptonite spear is set to be launched through her body once she loses them entirely. But Supergirl manages to reach a remote control for Toymaster's minature robots and uses them to cut her free. She recovers her powers once she is away from the Gold K, and uses the toys to capture the three Phantom Zoners while she herself takes care of Black Flame. Later, Black Flame is taken back to Kandor and the three other villains are returned to the Phantom Zone.


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