Adventures Into the Unknown
Adventures into the Unknown #1 (Fall 1948).
Cover art by Edvard Moritz
Publication information
Publisher American Comics Group
Publication date Fall 1948-August 1967
Number of issues 174

Adventures Into the Unknown is an American comic-book series best known as the medium's first ongoing horror-comics title.[1] Published by the American Comics Group, initially under the imprint B&I Publishing, it ran 174 issues (cover-dated Fall 1948 - Aug. 1967).[2] The first two issues, which included art by Fred Guardineer and others, featured horror stories of ghosts, werewolves, haunted houses, killer puppets and other supernatural beings and locales. The premiere included a seven-page, abridged adaptation of Horace Walpole's seminal gothic novel The Castle of Otranto, by an unknown writer and artist Al Ulmer.[2]

Unlike many horror comics of the Golden Age, it weathered the public criticism of the early 1950s and survived the aftermath of the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency hearings of April and June 1954 when the comics industry attempted self-regulation with a highly restrictive Comics Code.

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