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A fleet of alien warships has come to attack Earth, but Clark stops them. Later, Kal-El goes to the Fortress of Solitude to speak with the AI hologram of Jor-El, who tells him that he does not have to use his powers for the benefit of mankind. Jor-El says that he sent Kal-El to Earth to be protected, not to be his protector.

Meanwhile, deep in space, the pilots of the spaceships Kal-El took down earlier return to their master, Mongul.

Kal-El believes his father is wrong and he can lend a helping hand to humans. In that moment, a voice talks to Clark, saying Clark does not know Jor-El like he did. This voice is a new AI, General Zod.

Meanwhile, Mongul arrives at Death Valley, California, and engages army helicopters in combat.

Zod tells Clark he once was a soldier who attempted to lead a rebellion against the Council to save Krypton. However, the Council arrested Zod and declared him guilty of treason and Jor-El imprisoned Zod in the Phantom Zone. Clark asks Jor-El about the destruction of Krypton and Jor-El replies that he knew Krypton was about to be destroyed. He presented his finding to the Council, but the Council threatened to send him to the Phantom Zone. Jor-El agreed to keep quiet so that he could save Kal-El. Zod tells Clark that Jor-El chose to save his own son over his people.

Meanwhile, Mongul continues attacking the army, led by General Sam Lane. However, Clark intervenes and attacks Mongul. As Clark and Mongul come to blows, Sam Lane believes the man in blue is another alien threat and orders a missile launch to take both aliens down. Clark hears the missile coming, so he takes Mongul to the upper atmosphere to see how tough they both are.

The missile hits Clark and Mongul and they are both knocked out by the missile's impact. Clark awakens in crater alongside Mongul, both surrounded by U.S. soldiers. Clark talks to a hologram of General Lane, saying he is on humanity' side, but Lane orders the troops to open fire. Clark takes the unconscious Mongul and escapes.

Later, at the Fortress, Clark imprisons Mongul in Kryptonian crystals. Witnessing Clark's actions, Zod believes Clark will send Zod to the Phantom Zone and says Clark is just like his father. Clark agrees that he will follow on his father's footsteps and activates a homing beacon, calling Green Lantern to the Fortress. Green Lantern takes Mongul to face justice for his crimes while Clark returns to Smallville to talk with his father. He knows he must be more open with his acts of heroism.

Later, Clark has gotten a job in the Daily Planet. The editor, Perry, introduces him to his co-workers, Lois and Jimmy. Lois talks with Clark about the man in blue, saying that she believes the man in blue to be a hero, a "Superman".


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