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Doctor Emil Hamilton of S.T.A.R. Labs goes to the Daily Planet and asks Lois Lane where he can find Superman. Lois tells him that Superman does not work here while she has a deadline to work on. Meanwhile, Superman is downtown fighting Titano while Jimmy Olsen takes pictures of the fight.

Dr. Hamilton says he made a discovery of great importance related to Krypton. He found evidence that Krypton's sun, Rao, did not explode; meaning that Krypton was never destroyed. Having listened to Dr. Emilton's words with his super-hearing, Superman quickly defeats Titano and brings him to S.T.A.R. Labs.

While Titano is imprisoned, Superman talks with Dr. Hamilton about his discovery. Dr. Emilton shows him satellite pictures taken live from Krypton. Superman goes to the Kent Farm and unearthens the spacecraft that brought him to Earth when he was a child. An holographic message from Jor-El activates, telling Superman about Krypton's destruction and his legacy. Superman leaves Earth and travels across space, finding Krypton intact.

Astonished that Krypton is still alive, Superman flies to its largest city. He already begins to feel the red sunlight diminishing his powers. As he talks with some Kryptonians, Superman cannot understand its language but manages to mention his parents' names. The Kryptonians take him to a large prison complex that holds Jor-El. Superman is happy to see his father alive.

The prison officials give Superman and Jor-El a room and a special translator so that they can speak privately. Jor-El was sure Krypton was about to be destroyed, but the planet somehow survived. He was arrested and Lara died eight cycles ago.

As days pass, Superman learns more of Krypton's history and culture, being named as the Lo-Kavash, "the Lost Son." The message on Superman's spacecraft said that Krypton was a cold world driven by logic, but the Krypton Superman was seeing now was vibrant and passionate. The people of Krypton also learned of Superman's exploits. Superman talks with Krypton's governing council about the possibility of releasing Jor-El from prison, justifying his actions out of concern for his son and planet. The Council says that they deliberated for cycles before making the decision to convict Jor-El. After some convincing, the Council eventually agrees to release Jor-El.

Superman and Jor-El go to Jor-El's old home. Although Superman is happy to spend some time with his father, he is also concerned that Kryptonians are more human than he thought. He also wonders why is no one interested in exploring space even after discovering that anyone could obtain the same powers he did. Superman comes to conclusion that he is not really on Krypton.

He also discusses with Jor-El about the fact that the Council deliberated for ages about convicting him; and in that time, Jor-El never attempted to travel to Earth and see his son. Jor-El's eyes become red and he attacks Superman. They both fall out of the window and into the streets below. Superman realizes he is not really his father because his father is dead. After barely surviving the fall, Superman encounters Brainiac, who reveals he constructed a copy of Krypton to kill him.

Superman escapes into the sewers while fighting off fake Kryptonians. He goes to the fake Jor-El's lab and finds a prototype spaceship that takes him into space. The ship breaks down in space but Superman is close enough to Earth's sun to recharge his cells. Acquiring his full powers, Superman returns to the fake Krypton and defeats Brainiac.

Brainiac activates a safeguard in the fake Krypton that causes the fake planet's destruction, forcing Superman to see everyone on the fake planet die. Outraged, Superman considers leaving Brainiac to die in the doomed planet, but instead he flies him to the prison planet of Takron-Galtos. Superman returns to Earth and mourns the death of the fake Krypton.


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