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Once again, Bizarro is causing trouble and Superman has to stop him. Knowing Bizarro is his opposite, Superman says that he is awake and therefore, Bizarro should be asleep. Accepting Superman's logic, Bizarro takes a nap. Superman takes the sleeping Bizarro to S.T.A.R. Labs to find a better way to contain him. He believes Bizarro is not malicious but his unpredictability makes him dangerous. Dr. Hamilton analyzes Bizarro's brain activity and believes he could find a way to communicate with him.

Hearing police sirens, Superman returns to Metropolis and watches a giant robot controlled by Toyman destroying everything on its path. As the robot is lined with lead, Superman attempts to smash it to pieces but Toyman uses a piece of Kryptonite to weaken him. In that moment, Bizarro saves Superman and destroys the robot. Superman is surprised Bizarro can speak in full sentences that make sense. Thanking Superman and Professor Hamilton, Bizarro hopes Superman and him can be friends.

Later, Superman and Bizarro attack Toyman's lair and capture him. As Bizarro is put at stasis in S.T.A.R. Labs, Superman and Dr. Hamilton speak about Bizarro's intelligence. Dr. Hamilton believes that Bizarro's mind was in a state of chaos and his drive to be Superman's opposite was an attempt to impose order. Now, it seems Bizarro can become a proper member of society. Superman tells Bizarro that no charges will be presented against him if he makes restitution for the damages. Bizarro says that he wants to help people like Superman. Although Superman assures Bizarro he can make any choice he wants, Dr. Hamilton advises him to supervise Bizarro.

Bizarro helps Superman stop a tornado in Alabama but scares a woman and her son. Later, Superman gives a press conference to assure Bizarro has good intentions. Bizarro uses his super-hearing to listen to the people's resentment against him for his past crimes. Sad, Bizarro flies away.

Later, Superman visits Bizarro at S.T.A.R Labs. Bizarro tells Superman he can listen to every problem in the world. Superman tells Bizarro that his father advised him to listen to all the good in the world and says that there is more good than bad. Superman and Bizarro perform more rescues and Dr. Hamilton considers working on a hologram projector so that Bizarro can walk among people unnoticed. Superman disagrees because it might worsen his feelings of alienation. Bizarro declines Dr. Hamilton's idea, but he begins speaking in his old broken speech.

Later, Superman and Bizarro attempt to save a plane about to crash into the city. As he carries the right wing, Superman tells Bizarro to carry the left wing and move it east. However, Bizarro moves it west. Although the plane is safe, Superman is concerned Bizarro did the opposite of what he told him.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Dr. Hamilton is confused as to why the procedure he applied on Bizarro's mind is reversing, as there is no medical reason why would that happen. Superman believes there is a psychological reason: Bizarro wants to return to his old self. Then, Bizarro breaks out of S.T.A.R. Labs and begins wreaking havoc across Metropolis. Superman attempts to reason with him but Bizarro admits he has been faking his intelligence. Despite this, Bizarro enjoyed being a good person.

Superman and Dr. Hamilton decide to send Bizarro to place where he can be himself. Bizarro is placed inside a spaceship that Superman throws into space. The ship lands on a planetoid called "Bizarro's World." It is filled with devices created by S.T.A.R. Labs to give Bizarro a comfortable life. He also finds a female Bizarro named Bizarra and they quickly develop a bond.


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