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Real Name
Albrecht Krieger
Current Alias

225 lb.
Unusual Features
Facial Scarring
Marital Status
Quote1.png Ya! And so I am! Scared, are you? Ha ha ha! I'll show 'em! I'll show 'em! Quote2.png
-- Captain Nazi


The super-strong Captain Nazi (real name Albrecht Krieger) was genetically altered by his scientist father, and developed into the "perfect specimen" in order to fight for Adolf Hitler and the Axis Powers during World War II. Nazi was in opposition to both Captain Marvel and Bulletman. During the second half of his battle with Marvel, Nazi attacks two innocent bystanders who happened to be fishing near the scene of the battle. One of them, an old man named Jacob Freeman, is killed, but the old man's teenage grandson, Freddy Freeman, is saved by Captain Marvel and becomes Captain Marvel, Jr.

Junior, crippled in his Freddy Freeman form by the attack, continued to hold a vendetta against Nazi, and the two frequently battled one another. Nazi also served as a member of Mister Mind's Monster Society of Evil during the WWII years and after.

Character Powers and Equipment

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