Appearing in "Return to the Planet of the Iks!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Jugger Grimrod
  • Privates Mik, Ric, Nik (The Iks)

Supporting Characters:

  • Nomad Squad
    • Tamara
    • Torie
    • Zeerod
  • Legionary Tribunal


  • Xenons

Other Characters:


  • Earth-98140
  • Green Base
  • Termor galaxy
    • Tyo/Ruxpin system
      • Planet Ruxpin IV



  • Xenon Mass Driver

Synopsis for "Return to the Planet of the Iks!"Edit

During a Legionary Tribunal Jugger Grimron testifies as to how he was recruited (kidnaped) by The Iks (Privates Mik, Ric, Nik) and taken to their home world Ruxpin IV in order to save it from an armed team of Xenons. The Xonons were mining Ruxpin IV and shooting the minerals off world.


  • McLaurin is editor, Brevoort is assistant editor, Potts is executive editor.


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