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Appearing in "My Life in Miniature (Part I of VI): Indivisible"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Amanda Turner (First appearance)
  • Erik Chow (Single appearance)[1] (Appears in flashback and main story)


  • Hong Kong (Appears in flashback and main story)



  • None

Synopsis for "My Life in Miniature (Part I of VI): Indivisible"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • The anagram mentioned by the taxi driver is never mentioned again though the solution is also most likely "Under File Cabinet".
  • This issue is reprinted in The All-New Atom: My Life in Miniature trade paperback.
  • The Atom appeared last in Brave New World #1, however his appearance in this issue takes place prior to events chronicled in Brave New World.
  • Earliest chronological appearance for Ryan Choi to date (in flashback).
  • The taxicab driver who speaks gibberish to Ryan is later revealed to be Chronos the time thief.


  • Random pilgrims are seen popping up throughout this storyline. The first one can be found on page 9 of this issue.

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