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  • Brain Wave's hover-ship

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  • Advance copies of this issue were mailed to select individuals. As such, this issue includes a letters column with letters from notable comic enthusiests Roy Thomas and Jerry Bails.
  • First appearance of Power Girl. She is introduced as Superman's cousin and has been operating in secret for quite some time. Power Girl is an analog to the Earth-One super-hero Supergirl. It is revealed in a footnote that Power Girl has been operating in secret for several years, considerably longer than Supergirl did on Earth-One. Her full origin was revealed two years later in Showcase #97.
  • Power Girl coins the name "Super Squad" in this issue. The Super Squad is not so much a separate team from the JSA, but rather it represents the newest members to the roster beginning with Power Girl and including Robin and the Star-Spangled Kid in subsequent issues.
  • There is a fan letter from Roy Thomas who at the time "was a prominent fan in the early 60s" of the original JSA/All-Star Comics series. Mr. Thomas would later transition from dedicated fan to a DC Writer and Editor of several JSA titles.


  • Brain Wave, as presented in this issue, is physically different from his last appearance in All-Star Comics #37. His costume is similar to that which is later worn by his son Brain Wave, Jr.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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