Quote1 You -- and every instrument of war in this plant -- have a date with the junkheap! Quote2
-- Jade

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The Justice Society of America are at the War Department in Washington when they learn of the Ultra-Humanite's plan to attack various U.S. defense plants across the country. After a brief meeting with the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, the JSA split into teams to handle the various emergencies.

Meanwhile, the All-Star Squadron are still battling the Amazing Man. Amazing Man holds his own against them quite well until he learns that the Ultra-Humanite intends on destroying his home town of Detroit. Hostilities cease, and Amazing Man agrees to work with the All-Stars to bring down the Ultra-Humanite.

In Brooklyn, the Guardian and the Newsboy Legion spy two super-powered individuals named Nuklon and the Silver Scarab attacking the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Commander Steel and Liberty Belle show up to lend a hand and briefly battle with the mysterious attackers. During the fight, Steel and Liberty Belle suddenly disappear right before Guardian's eyes.

In Los Angeles, a similar situation takes place. Two costumed avengers known as Fury and Northwind attack an airplane base with the intent of destroying all weapons of war. Batman, Robin and Tarantula show up to battle them and are aided by Phantom Lady. Like before, Batman and Tarantula disappear after subduing the attackers.

In Detroit, Green Lantern, Amazing Man and the Atom descend upon a factory that manufactures tanks only to find that it is being attacked by two people known as Jade and Obsidian. Green Lantern is surprised to discover that Jade has powers similar to his own, but does not require a ring in order to produce green hard-light constructs. The Atom meanwhile, tries to apprehend Obsidian, but Obsidian turns into a living shadow and evades capture. The Atom disappears as the fight concludes.

Elsewhere, the man known as Brainwave, Jr. rises from his bed. He hears a radio broadcast detailing the defeat of the All-Star Squadron at the hands of the Ultra-Humanite's machinations. He uses his mental powers to blast a hole in the wall of his room and flies off.



  • On page three, Starman asks Army chief Marshall, "And what about this Ultra thing", to which Marshall replies, "Ultra? How'd you find out about -- oh, you mean the Ultra-Humanite". What Marshall initially began referencing was a top secret mind-control program run by the CIA called Project MKULTRA. In the real world, Project MKULTRA didn't get started until some time in the 1950s, but this issue posits that the United States government was experimenting with mind control techniques as early as 1942.
  • One of the workers at the shipyards is a hefty female welder named Rosie. This is an homage to the fictional American icon Rosie the Riveter who represented the embodiment of the female working class during World War II. In Earth-50 continuity, a super-human named Rosie the Riveter is a member of a patriotic watchdog group called Anthem.

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