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  • On page three, Starman asks Army chief Marshall, "And what about this Ultra thing", to which Marshall replies, "Ultra? How'd you find out about -- oh, you mean the Ultra-Humanite". What Marshall initially began referencing was a top secret mind-control program run by the CIA called Project MKULTRA. In the real world, Project MKULTRA didn't get started until some time in the 1950s, but this issue posits that the United States government was experimenting with mind control techniques as early as 1942.
  • One of the workers at the shipyards is a hefty female welder named Rosie. This is an homage to the fictional American icon Rosie the Riveter who represented the embodiment of the female working class during World War II. In Earth-50 continuity, a super-human named Rosie the Riveter is a member of a patriotic watchdog group called Anthem.

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