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As the Spectre and Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt combine their powers to bring the banished Justice Society members back from being in various dimensions of space, the All-Star Squadron members again confront Mekanique while Robotman tries to reason with them that her mission is simply preventing a disaster in the future she came from from happening. Taking her at her word, Green Lantern and Firebrand go off to fulfill this task, rescuing a young child from being hit by a car. Upon their return, most of the All-Star Squadron members gather for a picture taken together. Following this, Mekanique secretly reveals to Robotman that her intended mission was NOT to prevent the disaster of the future from happening, BUT to make sure it was fulfilled. She also reveals that she has been holding back the sweeping effects of the Crisis on Infinite Earths to make sure her task was completed, and so now lets the effects take hold, causing Robotman to have no memory of what Mekanique has told him. The developed picture that reaches the hands of President Franklin D. Roosevelt reveals that those effects have truly taken hold.


  • This story is the final one in which the All-Star Squadron actively participates, and it is also the final pre-Crisis All-Star Squadron story. Young All Stars #1 continues from where this story leaves off.


  • As an interesting example of how Crisis On Infinite Earths has eliminated the Golden Age versions of certain main duplicate superheroes of the present age, Johnny Quick has a picture taken of all known All-Star Squadron members minus the Freedom Fighters who pre-Crisis have gone off to Earth-X. When it was originally taken, the Golden Age versions of Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Speedy appear in it. By the time the developed picture reaches President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Golden Age versions of said characters (except for Green Arrow and Speedy, who were mistakenly left in the picture) were removed, replaced by various figures of Uncle Sam's Freedom Fighters.

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