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Captain America and Bucky…the Human Torch and Toro…the Sub-Mariner…Miss America…the Whizzer…THE ALL-WINNERS SQUAD! It's 1946 and World War 2 is over, but the memory of those lost in the War haunts everyone— especially when Times Square is overrun by undead soldiers wanting their lives back! And leading this tattered battalion are the two casualties the All-Winners Squad can't fight— the original Captain America and Bucky! Plus: a surprise romance that has all the tabloids a-twitter! "Old Soldiers Never Die…" by Karl Kesel (MARVEL APES) and Steve Uy (AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE) Buy Bonds! And this comic!


  • The main story retcons the ending to the story of All Winners #21 which featured the battle between the All-Winners Squad, Future Man and Madame Death. In the original story, the heroes change the dials and cause Future Man's time ship to hurtle backward in time. The recton tells a different story in which the villains are hurtled back in time thanks to a miss throw from Captain America's shield, playing up the difficulty that Jeff Mace faced filling the role of Captain America.


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