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Synopsis for "Resolutions!"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • This issue does not include an Origins of Alpha Flight back-up story. The Origins tales resume with issue #5 and continues until issue #11.
  • The timeline for this issue is slightly askew. The majority of scenes involving the Sub-Mariner and the Invisible Girl take place before page thirty-two of issue #3. However, the scenes involving the rest of Alpha Flight (which occurs concurrently with Namor and Sue's journey) chronologically take place after the events from issue #3.
  • The Master of the World makes reference to Marrina's attack on Puck. Marrina nearly killed Puck with a swipe of her claws in issue #2.
  • This issue features the chronologically earliest appearance of the Plodex. Aside from Marrina, the Plodex will not be seen again until Alpha Flight #14.
  • The Invisible Girl makes reference to the Silver Surfer in this issue. Prior to her current adventure, Sue was providing shelter for the Surfer who suffered injuries in Fantastic Four #258-260.


  • Although it is never outright confirmed, it is heavily implied that sasquatch and Aurora have shared an intimate history with one another.
  • The Sub-Mariner and Invisible Girl's initial encounter with the Master of the World is replayed from scenes in issue #3, however the dialogue for both scenes are different.

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