Eugene -- thanks for the assist. We thought you were dead --
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Look who's talking, eh?
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Department H had you locked up?
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They knew I held the truth. I learned it from Baal, archduke of the seventh circle of Berith, grand marquis of the Plains of Regret. ... Lords of the lower orders. Known to you mortals as Hell. That's where I've been. I held the shining Soulcutter blade in my hand and cut down the damned like what to seize my throne. But I gave it all up. To come back. And rescue you.
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wikipedia:James Hudson (Earth-616)/Quotes]]

Appearing in "Born on the First of July"Edit

Featured Characters:

wikipedia:James Hudson (Earth-616)/Appearances]] (Appears in flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Ottawa
    • Family Court of the Superior Court of Justice, Ottawa Branch
  • Montreal
    • Hopital General De Montreal
  • Calgary
    • Natural Resources Canada
  • Vancouver
    • Red Cross Camp



Solicit Synopsis:Edit

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN! Alpha Flight… traitors??? After saving their country from the hammer-wielding XXXXX, The Flight are captured by the newly risen Unity Party and branded as traitors. Now they must escape from the bowels of the top-secret facility, Department H, they once called home. In doing so they must confront the shocking betrayal of one of their core members -- and discover an imprisoned hero readers have clamored to see since this series was announced! The red-hot writing team of Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente and artistic legend Dale Eaglesham continue their highly-anticipated resurrection of one of Marvel’s most beloved super hero teams in a story that absolutely cannot be missed!


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