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Real Name
Perpetua (mother, deceased)
Anti-Monitor (younger brother)
Over-Monitor (younger brother)
Auter.io (son)
Barbatos (creation)
Base Of Operations

Marital Status
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Alpheus was assigned in the World Forge, a place deep in the dark beneath creation to create universes from the fears and feelings of every living being of the multiverse. The most stable universes rose into the Orrery of Worlds and for the unstable one, Alpheus will dispatch his dragon known as Barbatos to destroy them and return their energies to the forge.

In some point after Perpetua's imprisonment in the Source Wall and the restart of the Multiverse, the World Forger was eventually killed by his dragon Barbatos and the latter corrupted the World Forge by allowing the malformed and unstable worlds of the forge to exist beyond their times. After Barbatos' defeat, Alpheus was reformed in the Sixth Dimension. Following the destruction of the Source wall and the liberation of Perpetua, Alpheus started to create countless universes in attempt to create a perfect multiverse of justice to replace the current one in order to save the people of the current multiverse who have a place in his new multiverse from being destroyed by the Judges of the Source.

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Monitor Physiology: Hailing from the Sixth Dimension, Alpheus possesses powers beyond imagination itself, being one of the most powerful beings in the entire Multiverse. Alpheus creates form from idea and hammers everything into existence,[1] every strike from his hammer being a universe to life.[2] In the Sixth Dimension, he created a future version of the current Multiverse with its own version of the Justice League, Life Entity and even Hypertime.[3] Individually, Alpheus only harnesses the energies of the World Forge but can merge with his brothers to form the even more powerful Ultra-Monitor.[4]
    • Crisis Anvil: When a Crisis occurs, a Crisis Anvil appears before Alpheus which he strikes with his hammer to descend a new Multiverse to replace the former one. The life energies of every living being of the former Multiverse who have a place to the new Multiverse will be transferred.
    • Reality Alteration: The World Forger writes the rules for each reality he makes.[5]
    • Cosmic Awareness: As one of the three cosmic entities responsible for the nurturing of his Multiverse, the World Forger possesses vast knowledge about the different realities and dimensions that make up existence.[3]
    • Immortality: The World Forger is even older then the Multiverse, considering it was he who created it. This puts him at the age of at least 20 billion years old, without showing any signs of physical regression.[1]
    • (Resurrected): Each time the World Forger is miraculously killed, he just re-forms in the Sixth Dimension.[6]
    • Metamorphosis: The World Forger can manipulate his physical shape at will, taking on the form of an elderly Superman.[3]
    • Size Alteration: As well as changing his shape, the World Forger can also change his size. In his natural form he towers above the members of the Justice League, standing at around twice their height. However he was able to shrink himself down in order to take the shape of Superman.[3]
    • Precognition: World Forger is able to see indefinitely into the future, allowing him to be constantly aware of what the future holds.[3]
    • Superhuman Strength: The World Forger possesses an incalculable strength level, able to stop the full might of one of Superman's punches with his pinky finger.[3].
    • Superhuman Durability:: The World Forger could withstand many punches from Superman with ease[3] and the force amplified by several suns of Superman's punch only stunned him temporally.[7]
    • Telepathy: The World Forger is an incredibly strong telepath, able to easily overwhelm the psychic abilities of Martian Manhunter, shutting the Martian's telepathic powers completely.[3]
    • Psychic Link: The World Forger is able to maintain a psychic link between multiple minds with no struggle.[3]
    • Teleportation: The World Forger can teleport himself and others vast distances with no issue, such as teleporting the entire Justice League from the safety of Earth to Apokolips, which lies in an alternate dimension.[3] He can even teleport the Justice League and himself into the Monitor Sphere, the edge of things.[8]
    • Photokinesis: The World Forge can create holograms from his hands.[9] Furthermore, he can the strike of his hammer are hard enough to spark creation.[10]
    • Energy Absorption: The World Forger can absorb life force.[11]
    • Dimensional Superstructure: Alpheus wields the Dimensional Superstructure which governs all thing imaginable and unimaginable and is part of the Seven Forces of the Universe.


  • Power Limitation: As a Monitor, Alpheus's powers will wane greatly on a lower plane of existence but has still enough might to shatter the reality.[12][2]
  • Power Loss: Alpheus needs his hammer to forge things into existence, and if weakened to the point he cannot strike his hammer hard enough to spark creation, Alpheus cannot create, either, unless he finds an alternative.[10]

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