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Amanda is a comic book superhero named Monster Girl from the Image Comics series Invincible.


As the result of a curse, Amanda has the power to transform into a large, powerful monster; however, every time she does this (and then reverts to human form) she is physically younger than before. At the time the Invincible stories are set, she is mentally 29 and physiologically 12. She is a member of the new Guardians of the Globe.


Amanda is known to be physically attracted to her teammates Bulletproof and Rex Splode.

She is currently spending time with her teammate Robot, who has put his consciousness into a pre-teenage clone of Rex Splode. He has indicated that he is using his intelligence to devise a cure for her reversed aging.

As a means of delay, he briefly gave her a mechanical suit to augment her strength so that she would not have to transform to fight. Its power did not satisfy her though and she ended up damaging the suit by changing.

She has claimed multiple times to be impressed by Robot's intelligence, and has been concerned with his safety, protecting and carrying him while he is out of armor.

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Her ability to turn into a monster at will gives her

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