{{Comic Template | Image = Amazing Adventures Vol 2 35.jpg | Month = 3 | Year = 1976

| Editor-in-Chief = Marv Wolfman | CoverArtist1 = Craig Russell

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| StoryTitle1 = The 24-Hour Man | Writer1_1 = Don McGregor | Penciler1_1 = Craig Russell | Penciler1_2 = Keith Giffen | Inker1_1 = Jack Abel | Colourist1_1 = Janice Cohen | Letterer1_1 = Irv Watanabe | Editor1_1 = Marv Wolfman | Synopsis1 = Atlanta, Georgia October 2019: Killraven and his Freemen cross paths with a woman who had been impregnated by a creature she has called G'Rath, a Martian mutate which can impregnate human females. This gets them caught up in a battle with the creature, and its off-spring, Emmanuel.

Dubbed the 24-Hour Man because his 24 hour life span, Emmanuel is instantly drawn to Carmilla and kidnaps her to bring her to be G'Rath's next mate, before his time runs out. However, Killraven, M'Shulla and Old Skull work together to stop this from happening, Killraven killing G'Rath, and Emmanuel expiring after his 24-hour lifespan has ended.

In the aftermath, they find the woman is still raving about being impregnated by G'Rath as she did when they first entered the area, and decide this time to leave her to her madness.

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Other Characters:

  • Emmanuel's mother (Single appearance)[1]




  •  (Only appearance; dies)[1]

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