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Other Characters:

  • J Jonah Jameson's third new unnamed secretary First and last appearance
  • student protesters
  • director




  • Mary Jane Watson's car

Synopsis for "Just A Guy Named Joe!"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Steve Ditko's last issue as plotter, penciler and inker for Spider-Man
  • This story is reprinted in Marvel Masterworks #16.
  • The cover for this issue is actually comprised of four different images from within the comic itself. The main image which shows Spider-Man swinging on his web is from Page 13, and the three images on the bottom are, from left to right, are page 7 panel 6, page 12 panel 4, and page 15 panel 1.
  • credits:
    • Written and Edited by Stan Lee
    • Plotted and Drawn by Steve Ditko
    • Lettered, Unfettered by Artie Simek


  • It has been rumored that the grinning mannequin punched by Spider-man at the end of this issue was Ditko's "farewell" shot at a likeness of Stan Lee, not Ned Leeds.
  • Joe Smith appears next in Captain America 246.

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