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  • Peter Parker's Motorcycle
  • Harry's car

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  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • This story is reprinted in Marvel Tales #43
  • Page 3, Panel 3 bests fits the image on the cover.
  • credits:
    • If you think our web-spinner's in trouble now, wait'll you see the new heart-rending hang-ups ahead, peerlessly presented by: Stan (The Man) Lee and Johnny (Ring-a-Ding) Romita
    • With an admirable assist by: Dashing Donnie Heck + Mighty Mickey Demeo
    • And the ever-lovin' lettering of: Swingin' Sammy Rosen
  • references: Amazing Spider-Man #51


  • Jonah must have not kept his promise a lot, because in the beginning of the series, JJ promised Peter that his name would be left out on any photos he took and Peter knows that JJ has been doing that.

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