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Deciding to go out and do his duty for his country and fight in Vietnam (even though the war is long over) Ambush Bug finds himself out in the desert, where he runs into Atari Force's mascott Hukka and tortures the little creature figuring that it's "Charlie". The Hukka thinks it has escaped Ambush Bug's attack when it's accosted and humiliated by the writer of the series. When the creative team behind this issue is confronted by a member of the Hukka anti-defamation league, they take the story in a new direction: 1001 Uses for a Dead Hukka, before revealing that Ambush Bug took over the story himself, and takes us to the issues actual feature:
It's Christmas in Metropolis and Ambush Bug is plagued with memories (regardless of how inaccurate to the real events) of the death of Cheeks, his memories are interrupted when he is visited by Jehovah's Witnesses who bury him in a pile of literature and steal his Christmas presents. After the Witnesses leave his office, Ambush Bug makes a hasty departure unaware that someone has been watching him this whole time.

As a rash of attacks on toy stores, it appears as though someone has been breaking into them only to feast upon dolls and stuff animals that are inside. Ambush Bug visits the grave of Cheeks and after checking a photograph of Cheek's grave in his office is horrified to discover that Cheek's grave has been dug up. The Bug then finds a note pleading for help before its writer feeds again. As the rash of doll-cannibalism occurs across town, the story is interrupted with a segway about how to write comic books.

As Ambush Bug frightens himself with zombie movies, it turns out that Cheeks has risen from the grave and is responsible for the attacks, this both horrifies toddlers across town and attracts the attention of Jonni DC the continuity keeper. When Ambush Bug figures out the truth, he tries to call for help from just about every super-hero he knows in the DC Universe and finds that nobody is available. When a young woman is confronted by a horde of zombie dolls, Cheeks overcomes his nature and saves the girl from the army of zombie puppets.

Ending the story there, the creative team realizes that they have another pages of story left, and decide to try and get away with not having a longer story by talking about comic artists from Japan until DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz forces them to continue the story.

After a segway from the office of Peabody, Decker and Pending, Seasons greetings from Ambush Bug around the world, A Fanboy Press "Popularity Poll", an advertisement for a new DC Comics series about Santa Claus being a super-hero, and a Ambush Bug Christmas Special inundated with advertisements for toys and sugary cereals, the story continues...

Jonni DC wakes up to find that the writers are pack pedalling their story to page 19, creating a continuity mess since every page after that would not be cannon and she springs into action. Deciding that the story needs to progress and be fun, she forces Ambush Bug to go to the North Pole to find Santa. However he finds Chris Kringle's home empty and returns to Metropolis where he finds his office has caught fire in his absence. If things couldn't get any worse for Ambush Bug, he is given some holiday cheer when he's given a non-zombified Cheeks. Jonni DC ties up loose ends by getting rid of the zombie dolls, and the story ends with a cliffhanger: There is an Arkham Asylum reunion, and one of the guests is none other than the Joker, who can't wait to see his old friend Irwin Schwab.


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