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Quote1.png His brother was a bad egg... at least to the egg cream crowd. The cops brought him home drunk, he stole a car... even got a girl in trouble. He was Harry's hero. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Night Chicago Died part 4 of 5"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Harry Kraft
  • Arthur "Artie" Combs (Tenor Saxaphone / Ray Baker Trio)
  • Ethlie
  • Beth

Supporting Characters:


  • Detective Tommy McFadden
  • Detective Michael Giambone
  • Wermer (Arthur Combs' Parole Officer)

Other Characters:

  • Brigitte
  • Freckles
  • Candy
  • Sunny
  • Ray Baker (Piano / Ray Baker Trio)
  • Theodore Roosevelt (Percussion / Ray Baker Trio)
  • Rob Clurk (Ethlie's Boss)
  • Officer Willson
  • Lieutenant Eddie Danvers




Synopsis for "The Night Chicago Died part 4 of 5"Edit

"Artie" Combs goes to Harry and Ethlie for help. When the safe-cracking job that his corrupt parole officer forced him to do went sour, he knocked-out the man who caught him; only to find the next morning that he was dead and robbed. Corrupt detectives McFadden and Giambone receive a tip that "Artie" Combs is responsible, and they head to the Clam Shack looking for him. Meanwhile, Officer Willson, who is having a liaison with Beth, tips-off Lieutenant Eddie Danvers, Arson division, that McFadden and Giambone are corrupt.


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