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Amorpho is a shapeless blob of sentient protoplasm from an as-yet-unspecified distant planet. Through circumstances that have not yet been revealed, Amorpho was placed inside a rocket ship and launched from its last planet of residence into deep space, and this rocket ultimately landed on Earth, freeing Amorpho there.

Amorpho feeds on salt, and has a near-constant craving for more of it. Using its ability to change its shape at will, Amorpho began to commit a series of spectacular crimes in order to consistently replenish its supply of salt, and these robberies brought the creature into conflict with the hero, Plastic Man. However, the hero soon learned that Amorpho's powers of malleability were on par with his own, and a fierce battle between them erupted.

In the end, Plastic Man was able to stymie Amorpho and it returned to space in its rocket ship. Where Amorpho ultimately landed after that, and the creature's final fate, are currently unknown.

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Must constantly consume salt.




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