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Amy Beitermann

Real Name
Amy Beitermann
Current Alias
Amy Beitermann
Ted Beitermann (deceased); deceased unnamed mother and father
Base Of Operations

Marital Status
Social Worker, Hospital staff
Place of Death
First appearance
Appearance of Death


Amy Beitermann was a social worker at hospital in New York City when she met Jim Corrigan. After witnessing him "survive" a shooting, she became intrigued and sought him out, attempting to track him down at his former office next to Madame Xanadu's parlor. Xanadu was looking for Corrigan as well, and asked Amy to let her know if she found him. While visiting a friend, Nate Kane, at the police department where he worked, she learned the truth about Corrigan--that he was a ghost, and now the spirit of vengeance. When Corrigan came to Amy, she at first fled from him, but then he saved her from being assaulted by a gang. She insisted on knowing his origins, and he explained about his life--and his death, which made him the one to "confront and understand evil." Amy rebuked him, saying he had failed to "understand" evil, and in his anger he decided to look within her own soul, where he learned her history.[1]

Amy's life had been marked by tragedy. Her father had died when she was young, causing a rift between her and her mother that just kept widening. Her mother died alone when Amy was eighteen, and she had only herself then. She married a man named Ted at twenty-five, but the marriage was not a happy one. Ted cheated on her constantly, and in her grief she responded by becoming a "loose woman." She would venture out many nights a week, picking up strangers to sleep with. With some of them she did not even remember their names. Later, she learned that Ted had contracted AIDS through one of his liaisons and had given it to her--which meant she had passed it on to others, some of whom she could not even remember. Ted died, and Amy decided to change her life for the better. Corrigan did not know how to "confront" this, but saw a kindred spirit in Amy, as they both were lonely and felt cut off from the world at large.[2]

Amy asked Jim to help Kane and the police track down a child who had been kidnapped. The Spectre had to venture into Hell to learn where the boy was being held, and relied on Amy to be his anchor on Earth. This helped their bond grow, and they grew closer as Amy tried to help him understand his mission.[3]

Madame Xanadu was not pleased that Amy had not gotten back to her. She confronted both Amy and Jim at Amy's apartment, chastising Corrigan for not using the power of the Spectre in a more productive way. Corrigan tried to explain that the Divine Wrath is limited in its use of power, but Xanadu did not believe him. Xanadu confronted them both with Amy's fate--she is doomed to die alone in an alley, hacked to death by a killer. After Corrigan convinced Xanadu to renounce her claim to the Spectre's power, Xanadu tempted him with the idea of laying aside the mantle and finding peace. Corrigan refused, declaring his love for Amy and his vow to keep her from being killed.[4]

Amy was tempted to commit suicide, preferring to die peacefully rather than being stabbed to death, but Corrigan showed her a vision of Hell to dissuade her. Nate Kane turned up at Amy's apartment, looking for information about the Spectre. Despite Kane's own love for Amy, he was reluctant to touch her for fear of contracting AIDS. Corrigan forced Kane to reveal that all of the Reaver victims had AIDS. Kane explained that his superiors had forbid him from telling anyone, but Amy was not satisfied. She shared the information with the media, giving her some minor news coverage. She was not interested in any stardom, however, and turned down both an offer to be on Cat Grant's TV show, as well as corroborating on a made-for-TV movie about the Reaver.[5]

Realizing that Azmodus was on the loose, the Spectre decided to take a more active means of locating the Reaver. Nate Kane, suspended for telling Amy about the AIDS connection, staked out her apartment to keep an extra eye on her. Unfortunately, the Reaver surprised Kane, knocking him out, even as the Spectre arrived, aware of his true identity. The Reaver was Daniel Geller, one of the many flings Amy had had and left with AIDS. He had not known her name, but she was the one he was looking for. Before the Spectre could strike, Azmodus offered his help in exchange for a piece of Geller's soul. Geller complied, giving Azmodus enough power to delay the Spectre as Geller attacked Amy. She confronted him and attempted to flee, but he cornered her in an alley--just as Madame Xanadu had foreseen. Geller stabbed her repeatedly, but attempted to flee once he realized the Spectre had defeated Azmodus. The Spectre found Amy, but could not stay, the Divine Wrath boiling within him. Amy begged Jim not to use her as an excuse for vengeance. Kane arrived, and Amy begged him to stay with her--she did not want to die alone. Kane, overcome with his fear of AIDS, could not touch her because she was covered in blood. He had a neighbor call 911 and set out after Geller. Madame Xanadu arrived shortly thereafter. Immune to anything Amy could give her, Xanadu held Amy until an ambulance arrived and rode with her to the hospital. Amy's fate was changed at least that much. After Corrigan and Kane dealt with Geller, they came to the hospital, but arrived just minutes after Amy died. Corrigan went after her soul, which was bound for Heaven. Corrigan did not attempt to bring her back--he only wished to say good-bye. Amy told him she was at peace, and that there was a place for him when he was ready.[6]

Amy's death affected both Corrigan and Kane deeply, and would be felt for the rest of Corrigan's tenure as the Spirit of Vengeance. When he eventually laid aside the mantle of Spectre, as his soul was called up to Heaven he beheld Amy waiting for him.[7]

Amy made a cameo appearance at Jim's side, just outside the Gates of Heaven, during the crisis known as Day of Judgment. [8]

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