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Angelo Stano

Real Name
Angelo Stano

Date of Birth
January 6, 1953

Place of Birth
Santeramo in Colle, Province of Bari, Italy

First publication


Personal History

Personal History of Angelo Stano is unknown.

Professional History

Angelo Stano (Santeramo in Colle, January 6, 1953) is an Italian comic artist.


Upon graduating from an artistic high school in 1971, he moves to Milan.

His debut in comics is in 1973, when he draws an adaptation of Dalla Terra alla Luna (From the Earth to the Moon) by Jules Verne. The story is scripted by Robert Catalano and published in a pocket-sized format by Editrice Sole, publisher owned by Francesco Paolo Conte (the story, however, is brought to a conclusion by graphic artist Enrico Tronconi).

In 1975 for Arnoldo Mondadori Editore he draws a few self-contained stories that appear in the weekly Audax edited by Nino Cannata. He also completes a few war stories for Editoriale Dardo.

In 1985, after collaborating with several other comic publishers (Ediperiodici, Edifumetto, Staff di If, the publisher of Corrier Boy and Universo) he is chosen by Sergio Bonelli Editore to be part of the art team working on a new character created by Tiziano Sclavi. The character is Dylan Dog whose first story is drawn by Stano with a graphic style that is inspired by painter Egon Schiele. The book is in newsstands October of 1986.

Starting issue #42, Stano replaces Claudio Villa as cover artist, and has continued providing covers to the present day.

In 1991 he painted the Tarocchi di Dylan Dog (Dylan Dog Tarot Cards) designed by Tiziano Sclavi. This work was published by Lo Scarabeo of Turin, along with an Intervista a Dylan Dog (Interview with Dylan Dog) written by Giordano Berti.

He was awarded the Premio Bonaventura in 1992 at Treviso Comix for the hardcover reprintings of Dylan Dog published by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore.

From 1981 to 1999 he was a teacher at the Scuola del Fumetto di Milano (Milan Comics School).

In the Dylan Dog story La legione degli scheletri (The Legion of Skeletons) published December 2012, Stano provides the script and art, besides the usual cover, thus creating the first Dylan Dog story entirely crafted by a single creator.

Noteworthy Issues

Dylan Dog Vol 1 1

Dylan Dog #1 (October 1986), his first issue as artist

Dylan Dog Vol 1 42

Dylan Dog #42 (March 1990), his first issue as cover artist


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