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Two FBI agents stumble upon a crashed water tower in rural Oregon, and one is knocked out, dreaming of the other two stories.

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The Warners fill in for the Y-Files agents as they investigate a case involving weird sheep in rural Ohio.

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Believing himself to be the leader of the aliens abducting cheese, Brain decides to have himself and Pinky disguise themselves as Mouldy and Scowly.


The whole issue is a parody of The X-Files, and even features the same penciler (Charles Adlard) and cover artist (Miran Kin) of the Topps Comics title that ran as this issue was published.


  • Carter's Bluff is named after The X-Files creator Chris Carter, and signs also homage composer Mark Snow (Snow's Music Emporium), director David Nutter (Nutter Ice Cream) and writers James Wong and Glen Morgan (Morgan & Wong's Brand Liquid Rubber).
  • In the second story, "Pileggi Cheese" is named after Mitch Pileggi, who portrays Director Skinner.

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