Appearing in "Pyjama-rama!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Pyjama-rama!"Edit

Sick of only boy things, Dot tries to do a slumber party.

Appearing in "Lifestyles of the Old and Cranky"Edit

Synopsis for "Lifestyles of the Old and Cranky"Edit

Skippy goes to Raging Walnuts, and in his absence, Slappy is pestered by tours that lead to famous people's houses.

Appearing in "Booth Bait"Edit

Synopsis for "Booth Bait"Edit

Minerva is hired to be the spokesmodel of the Fluffy Nuffy Yum-Yum Company.


  • This issue was originally scheduled for October 8, 1997, but was delayed.[1]
  • Slappy's story was originally submitted to be an episode of the cartoon.[2]


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