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Ant-Man's Helmet

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Ant-Man's Helmet
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Designed to communicate with ants, to aid in tasks such as when Pym needed a ride aboard a flying ant. Later models included many improvements.


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Originally built to communicate with primarily ants, this helmet was almost constantly worn by Henry Pym when in his Ant-man uniform. That function was later built into other helmets worn by Pym, though the original helmet design and function changed over time.

The newest version of the helmet contains various instruments such as size-matching when Pym-Particles are detected and targeting sensors.

Previous Owners: Henry Pym, Eric O'Grady
Current Owner: Scott Lang


  • Communicate with insect life.
  • Tell Ant-Man armor to deploy Pym-Particles to change size.
  • Communicate through radio waves.


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  • Spider-Man briefly used this helmet to communicate with spiders.[1]

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