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Apex Predator

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Apex Predator
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The Great Army; Apexes
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15 billion years ago, the fallen member of The Hands: Perpetua searched all universes of her Multiverse for beings rich in potential if harnessed correctly. Her searches lead her to Earth and Mars of the prime reality where she found the Humans and the Martians species. Disappointed by what she saw, she bound both species together, merging their worlds entirely, to create the Apex Predators; perfect killing machines that would live and fight in her name until the end of time.

The Apex Predators governed the first Multiverse until Mar Novu came to confront Perpetua who had doubt on her intentions and found that she altered the core of creation into something that shouldn't never be. Perpetua then ordered her Apexes to attack Mar Novu, forcing him to flee.

The fall of Perpetua and her Great Army

Later, Mar Novu, Alpheus and Mobius tried to alert Perpetua's kind on her doings but were emerged by the Apex Predators and Perpetua who learned about their betrayals. The response of the Hands was to send a Cosmic Raptor who sealed Perpetua, her power, and her Apex Predators in the Source Wall where she will watch her Multiverse restart anew without her guiding hand.[1] The Apex Predators were left embedded in the wall, becoming the first Promethean Giants.

After the Multiverse restarted, both species that once formed the Apex Predators were restored back to what they were before the intervention of Perpetua. The story of the Apex Predators was hidden by Krona and the other Maltusians who gathered all evidence.[2] Humans carried the fire that Perpetua created in them, but were left weak in body and mind, while the Martians carried the power she instilled but feared the fire of passion in all its forms.[2] Following the invasion of the Dark Multiverse, the Source Wall was shattered and the cage of Perpetua known as the Totality crashed on Earth. When Superman and Martian the Manhunter went inside the head-shaped structure formed around the Totality, thay meet the detained Apex Predators. After, due to the machinations of Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom, the Source Wall was destroyed and Perpetua freed, killing the Apexes in the process.

After Perpetua came into ascendance, she was able to restore her army with Lex Luthor as their general. The Apexes were seen during the Justice/Doom War where they fought the Justice League, the Justice Legion, the Justice Society of America and several other heroes. Their current status is unknown though it is very likely that every Apex Predator has perished after the death of Perpetua at the hand of the Batman Who Laughs.

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