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Publication information
Publisher CrossGen Entertainment, Inc.
First appearance Negation: Lawbringer
Created by Mark Alessi, Gina M. Villa
In-story information
Alter ego Nathan Appolyon
Species 3/4 Ascended Human
Notable aliases Appolyon
Abilities Ultra High-Level Cosmic Energy Manipulator

Appolyon is a comic book character in the Sigilverse, a fictional universe created by CrossGen Entertainment, Inc. He is seen in one issue of Negation. and more regularly in Negation: Lawbringer, Mark of Charon and Negation War. He also appeared in Route 666 in the guise of the Adversary. Appolyon's story is unfinished due to CrossGen Entertainment's bankruptcy in 2004.

Character history

Appolyon was born Nathaniel Appolyon, a human being on Earth during the 300th Century. Appolyon and Robert Charon are responsible for the technological 'transition' of the Humans on Earth, based on the technology they found in the sunken city of Atlantis. Appolyon is the world's leading authority on matter/energy conversion and bio-energy, but also a psychopath who kills many people during an experiment.[1] After he tampers with the transition device, he gains god-like powers. Like all transitions, his does not go as planned, sending him, Charon, and the rest of earth's population into Negation space. The process drives everyone, especially Charon, mad. Appolyon is driven sane, and opposes Charon's plans of conquest. After Charon creates his Lawbringers, Appolyon tris to hide from Charon.[2]

Charon's powers are superior to Appolyon's, and Apployon hides, grants himself wings,[3] and occasionally kills a Lawbringer that locates him. Eventually, Charon catches Appolyon and defeats him. Instead of killing Appolyon, Charon banishes him to a pocket dimension of the Negation, akin to hell.[4]

Appolyon lingers there for 10,000 years, and seems to go insane. However, he develops a weapon which can destroy Charon.[5]


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