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Aquaman and Mera go undercover as “Mr. and Mrs. Waterman”, a vacationing couple, to help American intelligence discover the current plot of O.G.R.E., a criminal band. The Supreme One, a high-level O.G.R.E. agent, sends his operatives The Huntress and Typhoon to attempt assassination of them. After an initial battle with the villains, Aquaman and Mera succeed in turning the Huntress and Typhoon to their side. The Supreme One, who had discovered and taken over a deserted secret atomic rocket factory, is apprehended and unmasked as the manager of a hotel at which Aquaman and Mera were staying.


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  • The title to this issue, "From O.G.R.E. With Hate", is a reference to the Ian Flemming James Bond novel, From Russia With Love.
  • This is the first issue of the series that Aqualad does not appear in. During this storyline, Aqualad is adventuring with his new teammates, the Teen Titans.
  • This is the first issue of the series to feature go-go checkers running across the upper edge of the cover. Each following issue of the title up until #35 includes the checker-box bar.

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