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Other Characters:

  • Hans Ludorf
  • Marcia


Synopsis for "Aquabeast the Abominable"Edit

When playboy millionaire Peter Dudley falls in love with Mera, he hires scientist Dr. Hans Ludorf to turn him into a duplicate of Aquaman. Unfortunately, the process goes awry, and Dudley is turned into a hulking, super-powerful, distorted version of Aquaman, who calls himself “Aquabeast”. Aquabeast invades Atlantis, defeats Aquaman in battle, and abducts Mera. But the villain runs afoul of Hammuri, an alien invader on the ocean floor, and does battle with him to keep him from harming Mera. Both Aquabeast and Hammuri fall into a crushing whirlpool and do not emerge. Mera is reunited with Aquaman.


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  • This issue includes "Cap's Hobby Hints" and "Homer" humor strips by Henry Boltinoff.

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