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-- Ocean Master

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Ocean Master commands the savages of Maarzon to bring Aquaman and Nuada Silverhand to his citadel. In a surprising display of brutality, Ocean Master punches Nuada in the stomach, in the hopes of baiting Aquaman into attacking him. He then transports them from Maarzon to his private citadel.

Later, during their imprisonment, Aquaman tells Nuada of the origins behind his and Orm's rivalry. Aquaman's father, Tom Curry found an Atlantean woman named Atlanna and the two fell in love. Living together in Tom's lighthouse, they eventually gave birth to Arthur. Years later, Atlanna died and Tom remarried. He sired a child with his second wife, named Marius. Marius never developed the aquatic super-powers that Arthur had and because of that, he grew to despise him. As he grew into adulthood, Marius took the name Orm, and became the self-styled Ocean Master.

Ocean Master arrives in their cell and reveals that he is responsible for stealing the Lia Fail and the Royal Seal of Atlantis. Both items contain the original Zodiac crystals that once governed all magic in ancient Atlantis. Once he acquires the remaining ten, Ocean Master will be all-powerful.

Meanwhile, the soldiers of Atlantis forced Vulko to lead them in an attack against the surface world. They are convinced that emissaries from the surface are responsible for stealing the Royal Seal. Vulko doesn't want to attack the surface, but he is left with little choice. Suddenly, Ocean Master appears before them. Vulko uses this opportunity to divert attention from innocent civilians towards this new villain, but as suddenly as he appears, he disappears again.


  • Aquaman and Ocean Master's origins are revealed in this issue. However, these origins are later supplanted by material provided in the Post-Zero Hour continuity of Aquaman (Volume 5). The flashback scenes provided in this issue are largely from Aquaman's perspective and based on accounts that had been relayed to him and should be considered apocryphal.
  • The sub-title to this issue was supplied in the "next issue" box from Aquaman Vol 2 #2.
  • This issue features a letter column entitled, "The Pen is Mightier Than the Swordfish".


  • The rivalry between the Curry siblings is meant to reflect the rivalry between the ancient Atlantean mages, Arion and Garn Daanuth.
  • The Zodiac Crystals that Ocean Master wields in this issue are the same ancient artifact once used by Calculha and Majistra over 145,000 years ago.

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