Quote1 To quote the Munchkins - let the joyous news be spread! The Ocean Master gon' bust yo' head! Quote2
-- Ocean Master

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Synopsis for "Thicker Than Water"Edit

Aquaman savagely rampages after Ocean Master, only to discover that the man who had been taunting him was nothing more than an illusion. The real Ocean Master is miles away inciting an Atlantean invasion of the surface world.

Nuada manages to calm Aquaman down and forces him to realize that he cannot defeat his brother through conventional means. He has most of the twelve Zodiac crystals now, and is nearly unstoppable. As magic is powered by emotion, Ocean Master has been able to intensify his own power off Arthur's nascent anger. The only way to effectively counter his magic is with stronger magic.

Nuada scribes a pentagram and uses her own powers to unlock the mysteries of Aquaman's mind. She sifts through his memories and brings to light the most joyous as well as painful moments of his past. He recalls his time with the Justice League, the marriage to his wife,


  • This is the final issue of the series.
  • The sub-title to this issue was supplied in the "next issue" box from Aquaman Vol 2 #3.
  • This issue features a letter column entitled, "The Pen is Mightier than the Swordfish".
  • This issue contains a flashback of the wedding of Aquaman to Mera from Aquaman #18.
  • This issue contains a flashback to the death of Aquababy. The villain known as Black Manta killed Aquababy in Adventure Comics #452.
  • This issue also contains various flashbacks of both Aquaman and Ocean Master from various unspecified points within their respective timelines.


  • Although Aquaman believes that Ocean Master is dead, it is clearly obvious that he has survived the attack as revealed in the epilogue on the final page.
  • This is the last appearance of Aquaman's camouflage costume. However, his dimensional twin, Thanatos, will one day wear a similar costume in the pages of Aquaman (Volume 5).

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