Quote1 I've faced Millenium Giants, Destroyers of Worlds and Insane Megalomaniacs. Never thought I'd have Stage Fright. Quote2
-- Aquaman

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Synopsis for "The Banks and Shoals of Time"Edit

Ignoring the events of last issue, Aquaman is transported to the year 85271 to participate in the great celebration surrounding the return of the Prime Superman. He is greeted on the planet Neptune by Pilot, a sentient interactive protocol construct. Pilot explains that Aquaman's basic duty during the celebration is to impress to citizens of this century.

He meets the dignitaries waiting for him: Ha-Foth and Na-Tinth, the 853rd century equivilants of Iquila and Sona. He meets Tempest, a woman who has control over the weather on the planet Neptune. Then he prepares to demonstrate his telepathic abilities.

In the 853rd century, Neptune is a planet completely of water, and the creatures of this vast ocean respond to Aquaman. He performs in an amazing dance of sea life that impresses all the spectators.

But there's something rotten on Neptune, as a tesseract releases the deadly Kraken. It interrupts Aquaman's dance, and Aquaman faces off with it, only to find he's unable to communicate with it. In the meantime, a rumor has hit the net that Aquaman and his fellow Justice Leaguers are Bizarro clones sent to destroy the celebrations. This turns Tempest against Aquaman, and while he tries to stop the Kraken, she tries to destroy him.

Pilot stops her by showing her Aquaman's efforts, and then advises Aquaman to talk to the Reefs. He does so, and the Reefs calm the Kraken, which is then transported away.

Aquaman then starts his journey to Jupiter to join the other time-lost Justice Leaguers.


  • A DC One Million crossover (week 3), and bannered as such on the cover.
  • This issue takes place between Aquaman Vol. 5 #49 and Aquaman Vol. 5 #50.
  • This issue is reprinted in the DC One Million Omnibus.


  • No trivia.

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This comic issue is a part of the "DC One Million" event that crossed over into every DC Title in 1998. It involved present day interaction with versions of the characters seen in contemporary comic books with their counterparts in the 853rd Century.
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