Quote1.png Listen -- There was a struggle song they sang in my time -- it's still good, if you alter it a bit! Try it with me -- EARTH SHALL OVERCOME! EARTH SHALL OVERCOME! EARTH SHALL OVERCOME -- SOMEDAY!! Quote2.png
--Vance Astro (Earth-691)

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  • Reprints the first appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel Super-Heroes #18 with 4 pages edited. The cover was recolored for the reprint.
  • The year is given as 3007.
  • Charlie has been on patrol for six months at the start of the story, watching for Badoon. This implies that there was an ongoing threat preceeding the invasion.
  • Charlie was patrolling the "solar rim", which could be referring to the heliopause.
  • Martinex says Pluto was evacuated two months ago.
  • On Earth-691, humans had established a Moon colony and had landed on Mars by 1988.
  • Vance's stasis suit was made with copper foil.
  • The planet Vance was sent to is never named.
  • Beta Centauri IV appears to have at least two large moons.
  • Yaka is described as a mineral. One panel implies that the yaka arrow discharges energy to shock a Badoon, but the action is unclear.
  • Vance says that he has "learned how to harness psychic energy", implying that he is only using a special technique, and does not possess any extraordinary power.


  • Badoon is misspelled "Bardoon" once at the beginning of the story.
  • The title of the story and the song Vance teaches the Guardians at the end is a variation on We Shall Overcome, a key anthem of the US civil rights movement.

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