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Atalon (Earth-93060)

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Self-Made Island

Leader of the Fire People
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Atalon, leader of the Fire People, captured Ghoul so that he could use Ghoul's ability to speak to the dead to communicate with the Fire People's ancient ancestors. When Pixx chose to disarm Atalon's stolen arsenal of nuclear missiles, even though the area was already contaminated with deadly levels of radiation, her radiation suit became damaged, and as she leapt from warhead to warhead, her body quickly succumbed to radiation poisoning; she finished the last missile just before her last breath of life.

Atalon collapsed his cavern and Ghoul was buried under tons of rock. Atalon was convinced by Ghoul that the island he'd created with his powers was a suitable land that met the approval of his ancestors.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Atalon possesses the ability to control and manipulate gravity in various ways. He could increase a person's gravitational pull in order to prevent them from moving, or to the point where the flesh is stripped from their bones; or he could decrease gravity to make people and objects float helplessly. Also, by creating a gravity well he could pull people or objects toward him or push them away. He was also able to bend and redirect energy blasts by manipulating their gravitational auras, and even give himself the ability to fly (probably by reducing and manipulating his own gravitational pull) or increase his strength to the point where he was able to splatter Prime's head with a single punch.



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