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Publication information
Publisher Speakeasy Comics
Mercury Comics
Format Ongoing series
Genre Science fiction
Publication date Mar. 2005 – June 2011
Number of issues 12
Main character(s) Atomika
Creative team
Writer(s) Andrew Dabb
Penciller(s) Sal Abbinanti
Inker(s) Buzz
Creator(s) Sal Abbinanti
Collected editions
Atomika: God is Red ISBN 1-4276-0011-2

Atomika is an American comic book series created in 2005 by Sal Abbinanti, Andrew Dabb, and Aldrin Aw/"Buzz"; and published first by Speakeasy Comics and later by Abbinanti's Mercury Comics.

Publication history

Speakeasy published Atomika issues #1–4, from March–July 2005 (with the series consistently being the company's most popular title).[1]

In December 2005, however, with Speakeasy facing problems on multiple fronts, Atomika creator Sal Abbinanti split from Speakeasy to publish Atomika #5 and future issues[2] under his own Mercury Comics label.[3] After publishing issues #5–6 in short order, Mercury collected the first six issues into the trade paperback Atomika: God is Red.

Issues #7–12 have been published much more sporadically, approximately one issue per year, with the most recent issue coming out in 2011.


Set in an alternate universe, Atomika portrays a Soviet Union where religion has been outlawed and technology is king. The sky is dead and much of the planet has become an industrial wasteland. The USSR has conquered America, tapping the earth's core to control the only source of energy left. The planet has evolved into a machine feeding the furnaces of its industry.

In 1934, a man named Arohnir creates Atomika, a super-strong, nuclear-powered being, from the molten fires of the earth's core. The new, red "god" confronts the old gods of Rus. Despite his multiple victories, when Atomika confronts Baba Yaga, he begins to have doubts about his mission.


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